La demanda del sector de acero Indio vale millones

SteulerAnlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG has been commissioned by JSW Steel Ltd., Salem in India to engineer and construct a fully automatic tunnel pickling plant for steel wires. The order is worth around two million euros. The new pickling plant will have an annual capacity of approximately 85,000 tons of C-steel (carbon  steel) of various grades, including CHQ wires (cold heading quality) for the automotive industry. The plant is due to go into production in the 1st quarter of 2017.


JSW is India´s third largest steel producer. The company is making the investment in order to be able to offer surface-treated steel wire as a semi-finished product for the first time. In order to take this step, the steel manufacturer looked for a partner with extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and technical support to act as a full-service supplier able to seamlessly integrate the plant into the existing production lines and offer a plant flexible enough to reliably accommodate the wide range of grades and processes required.

The order also included an automatic transport system for handling the wire coils, a tank farm for storing the pickling and treatment solutions as well as a complete exhaust air treatment plant.